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Body Contouring Mesotherapy/Fatloss Injection

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Sculpt your body to perfection with Lipogon Body Contouring Mesotherapy. We have blended a natural cocktail of herbs, seaweed and Amino Acids that may speed up fat metabolism, general metabolism and movement of emulsified fat into the lymphatic system, to customise the body contouring needs of every area of the body. Lipogon will help you target those areas that are not easily affected by regular exercise and dieting. The treatment is performed by AESTHETIC PROFESSIONALS and involves a virtually painless mesotherapy administration of a non medical product

A safe, effective and gentle method to sculpt the targeted regions of the body. Body Contouring Mesotherapy may be effectively used to treat cellulite, weight loss and body sculpting. The technique involves the deliverance of small amounts of active ingredients into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and connective tissue under the skin.

Body Contouring Mesotherapy Ideal For:
- The removal fat deposits and cellulite on the arms, hips, abdomen, thighs, chin and other stubborn areas.
- Cases where liposuction is not an option.
- Individuals that have had liposuction, but are now finding fat depositing in other areas of the body.


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